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Please Note: Date Of Birth will not be shared with employers or used for any employment related matter. This information will help us determine your eligibility for some specialized training, certifications, and support services.


So that West Alabama Works can connect me with as many employment, training, and assistance opportunities as possible, I hereby authorize West Alabama Works to share my application information with employers and other Certified Service Providers. I understand that West Alabama Works is not an employer or employment agency and is simply giving me the opportunity to connect and share my information with potential employers and other Certified Service Providers. In exchange for being permitted to participate in this program I hereby waive any claim for damages or liability against West Alabama Works, The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, or its Certified Service Providers that may arise from my application for employment.  I understand that due to the nature of storing data in online databases, there may be a loss or breach of secure data, and I release and hold harmless West Alabama Works for any loss or damages due to a loss of data or a security breach of its systems or processes.

I authorize the Alabama Community College System, and its colleges, to release relevant educational information such as test scores, GED results, dates of attendance, enrollment status, credentials awarded, and other general academic information to West Alabama Works, Certified Service Providers, potential employers, and employment agencies so I may be connected with employment, training, and assistance opportunities. I agree that my contact information may be used for related recruitment efforts by the Alabama Community College System, and its colleges.

I hereby certify that all information provided is true, complete, and accurate. I agree and understand that falsification of information herein, regardless of the time of discovery, may result in my application not being considered or cause a forfeiture of my employment. I understand that all information on this application is subject to verification. I consent to former employers and educational institutions listed being contacted regarding this application and further agree to a background check being performed. 

By providing my electronic signature and submitting information on this website you certify that all information has been filled out correctly and that you have read all disclaimers.

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